SAME DAY FUNDING for your business

Invoice-based Working capital?

If you sell products or services to other businesses on terms (B2B), you have money locked away in your accounting system. EarlyPay is a breakthrough service by APiO that can convert open and unpaid invoices into cash in as few as three clicks.


Instantly Convert Invoices

Into Cash

APiO EarlyPay is a breakthrough invoice-based working capital solution for businesses. No credit checks, no lengthy applications or personal guarantees are required. Just cash when you need it.
02 How it works


We only ask 6 questions. Not kidding.

If takes longer than 3 minutes, well, it’s probably not our fault.

Install or Connect APiOSync

For those with on-premise accounting systems, APiOSync connects directly to your system.

For cloud-based systems, no download is necessary.

Invoice Processing

Invoices are automatically detected by APiOSync.

Open invoices are rated and scored suing APiO’s Risk Platform.

Invoice Matching

Eligible invoices are matched to suitable investors via the APiO Marketplace.


Eligible invoices are matched to suitable investors via the APiO Marketplace.


Three Clicks to CashTM

EarlyPay makes it easy to see open invoices, check status and select one or more invoices to be paid early.

Select an invoice, click Get Cash and confirm your selection. Three Clicks to Cash.


Why Use EarlyPay?


Waiting around for payment is painful. EarlyPay helps accelerate payment and increase the velocity of your business.


Receivables don’t help you make payroll or pay rent on time. Cash lubricates a business and allows it to grow.

APiO’s automation allows us to offer the fastest solution and the most attractive rates.


You need money to make money. The math shows that the faster you can turn receivables into cash, the faster you can grow.

Companies with higher growth are afforded higher valuations.

See how EarlyPayTM can get you the cash you need today!